22 November


Today is Timothy's birthday. We're not able to be with him ... and that causes an ache in the soul ... but we are able to pray for Him and know that our Lord will be with him.


As I prayed for Timothy this morning, it was brought to my memory how Timothy spoke of how difficult it is to consider that after the Judgment there remains an eternity. Not a thousand years, a million years, but a time that just keeps going. And as I pondered his thinking, it struck me the depth of what he had been saying. 


I find it very difficult to watch someone (or something for that matter) suffer for any length of time and my heart cries out for the suffering to ease or end completely.


But after the Judgment Day, there will be so many who have rejected our Beloved, or who have said they are His but lived for themselves and chose to hurt and destroy others and put themselves first.


Then they'll hear that day, "Depart from Me, you cursed, I never knew you."


As I considered this, Timothy's words came into my mind and I considered how they will weep and gnash their teeth and be in turmoil and agony of soul, not just for a few days ... a few weeks .... even a few years. And how awful it is to see someone suffer for any length of time. Yet they will suffer forever. And if after 100 years, they knew it was coming to an end, they would have hope ... that their suffering would end and their sorrow would be no more. But 100 years will only be a drop in the vast ocean of time. And after 10000 years, it will be as if their suffering hadn't even begun ... for the years of suffering will not end.


Then I thought of our beautiful Maasai. So many got 'saved' at a crusade, where they came to the front to have their sins forgiven and receive a blessing ... but when we asked some of them had they been sorry for all the sins that had committed, they said, 'No.' And we have watched them bear Christ's name, yet the - even open - sins continue. And then you hear some saying, 'Oh, we've tried this Christianity. There's nothing to it.' And the heart groans.


I felt sick in my stomach as I thought of the people whom we love so dearly cast into the lake of fire, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. As I considered that their suffering wouldn't even end after a few years but would go on and on, I found myself feeling so overwhelmed and pleading with our LORD to send His Holy Spirit to convict the men, women and children of their sins and their need of a Saviour ... His Son. A man, who came to us for physical help a few times, was brought to mind. We really liked this old traditional Maasai and were so grieved when we heard that he died, along with some others, when he drank illicit brew. When I thought that he could be lost and spend ... not just 2 or 3 years, or 30 or 40 years suffering, but forever, my stomach tied in knots.


Then the thought came: No wonder our Beloved left Heaven and came to ... well how can our world be compared to the beauty and joy of heaven? - and suffered. And then I realised that when we choose to reject Him and not obey ... after all, HE IS God .... then He is just and righteous in condemning us to the 1, 2, 10, 20, 100, 1000, 10000, 1 million, eternal years of suffering. I also realised that He will also be right and just to judge us for not warning others.


Please continue to pray for the Maasai. Satan is lord of this land but not King. 


Thank you, so very sincerely.


All our love, in our precious Saviour,


Gary and Mary.